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For 4 Corners Singles And Couples Who Want To Have More Fun and Intimacy

Join The 4-Week Salsa Series

In this series, you will learn the basic footwork, hand, and cross body patterns for "on one" salsa style.

You will also learn 3-5 moves depending on how much the class practices and can take!

What You Are Getting:

  • Basic Footwork of "On-One" Salsa so you can dance anywhere

  • 3 to 5 new moves so you have some great basics to practice afterwards

  • Warmup patterns to help you be adaptable to different salsa rhythms 

  • Great Social Connections To Dance At All Friday Night Social Dances

  • Great Fun and More Intimacy If You Do it With Your Partner

  • Great Exercise For Body And Brain (Especially If You Over 60 😉)

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